We Love Our Customers

We exist for our customers. Our current business success is due to referrals and repeat business from our previous customers. When you choose Nzinga Cates MA, NCC, LPC, you choose a skilled, dependable, professional that is committed to excellence in all the services we provide. We are always listening to our customers and improving ourselves to serve them better. We are honored to have their patronage and glad to share with you their feedback below.
Before meeting with Nzinga Cates LPC I thought I would never get back to the old me. Mrs. Cates was upfront and honest with me, challenging me to work for the change I wanted to see. She helped me rediscover not only what I knew about myself and had forgotten, but she helped me find strengths that I never knew I had. She worked with me to build my self esteem and fall in love with me again. Thank you Ms. Cates…
Nzinga helped me explore the options I had as an entrepreneur. She wasn't just a therapist, she was down to earth and relatable. She helped me believe in myself because from day one I knew she believed in me.
Great atmosphere and very knowledgeable. I do not currently live in Charlotte and was able to have sessions with Nzinga online. I wasn't a fan of online therapy but her genuine and bubbly personality made me feel like I was right there. When I was in town, I was able to make appointments with her in the office as well!!! I love her flexible schedule.
I never have to wait. Mrs. Cates is always there and ready to get started. I rarely get a chance to sit before she calls me back to the office.
Before meeting with Ms. Cates my mother and I barely spoke to each other. Ms. Cates is teaching me and my mom how to communicate. She is fun, open and easy to talk to but gets down to business. Being a teenager isn't always easy but now I feel like I have someone to listen to me. Thank you Ms. Cates! I appreciate you...